Smart Home Technology

Lighting Control

Man Using Digital Tablet To Control Lighting At Home

Lighting can add ambiance, provide security, accent your art or landscape and brighten any room. With our lighting control you have total control of these lights with a touch of the finger. Turn them on, off, brighten or dim from anywhere using your smart phone or tablet. 

Energy efficiency and security are both increased when you have the ability to easily adjust the lights. Your family will never have to return home to a darkened house or yard. Remotely adjust the lights while you are on vacation to make it appear someone is home. Always forgetting to turn off the lights when you leave? It will no longer be an issue.

Led lights are the perfect solution for energy efficient, long lasting and low heat lighting. We can install accent lighting to highlight the design of your home or to provide the safety of a night light. 

Automation meets lighting. Control all your homes lighting with a touch from your electronic device or a remote. Change the brightness, color or turn them on or off. Security, style and savings on your electric bill are all benefits of lighting control.

You can now control everything in your home with just your voice. Using a wireless smart speaker means you never have to open your phone or tablet to control your sound system, appliances, TV or thermostat. 

Need to do an internet search? Just speak the command and your speaker will give you the answer. Need mood lighting and music? Just ask to have the lights dimmed and what music you like. 

This is a great product for those that have mobility issues or vision limitations. Every aspect of their safety, security and comfort are easily controlled verbally. If emergency assistance is needed they can quickly request a call to 911 or a family member.  

We provide complete set up and programming for your Amazon, Google or Apple wireless smart speaker so you can easily control your entire house, security system and home theater via voice.

voice control

Smart Home assistant device,

smoke/CO² detectors

home smoke and co2 detector

Smart smoke and CO² detectors allow you to receive alerts on your phone and even let you know what the problem is and which room of the house is effected. If you have children, pets or grandparents home alone, this can give great peace of mind. It even has an early warning system that will speak to you at the earliest sign of smoke telling you the issue and giving you time to prevent a full blown fire. 

It speaks to your other smart home products like the thermostat. If you have carbon monoxide build up or smoke it will automatically shut off your HVAC system to prevent further spreading through the house.

No more 2 am low battery chirps. The system tests its own batteries and systems multiple times per day assuring that you are always fully protected

Over 1,000,000 homes in the US experience high levels of carbon monoxide every year and fire can spread through the average house in 5 minutes. Are you fully protected?

Control your entire smart home from one touchscreen tablet mounted conveniently in the wall. No remote to lose, phone to charge or unsightly keypad. 

The tablet is mounted flush in the wall for aesthetic appeal and accessibility. The color and style of the controller tablet can be matched to the design of your home or office. This solution works well in new or existing structures and charging solutions ensure that your tablet is always ready to perform.

Modern, sleek and efficient a wall mount tablet makes controlling your smart home features as easy as possible. With a touch of a finger you can control every light, lock, appliance and feature. Never look for the remote or have to open your phone.

in-wall tablet

woman using a in wall smart tablet


man's hand adjusting the thermostat

A smart thermostat can keep your home at the perfect temperature and save you on your electric bill. Like it cooler at night, need it to kick on right before you come home or perhaps you forgot to adjust it before you went away for the weekend. You can remotely control your settings or program it to operate on a schedule. 

Combine your thermostat with smart shades and blinds that lower or raise at certain times of the day and fans that turn on and off to help circulate the air and you have total climate control in your home.

Come home every time to a house that is just the right temperature. Save money on your heating and cooling costs when you program or control when your unit runs or integrate it with other items in your home for optimal savings.

Enjoy music throughout the house or in an individual room. Listen to an audio book in the kitchen while your kids are enjoying their music in the bedroom. Imagine waking up each morning to your favorite songs and falling asleep each night to a relaxing melody. 

Entertaining is taken to a new level when you can easily select the genre and adjust the volume for different rooms to suit the mood. Use your own playlist or stream music from one of many music services. 

Music to suit everyone for every occasion. From light background music to soothing sleep inducing sounds, hard rock to children’s audio books it is all available at a touch of the finger. 

music systems

graphic displaying whole house music

smart remotes

Smart remote in man's hand pointing at tv

With all the electronic entertainment devices available today you could potentially have a half dozen remotes to fumble through in hopes of finding the right one. With a smart remote all your devices and activities can easily be controlled with just this one intuitive remote. This is family friendly for both the young, old and technically challenged.

Easily switch from blue-ray to video games and back to Netflix at just a touch of the button. Remote lost in the cushions? Use the app on your smart phone, it is as easy as the remote.

No more frustration over which remote does what on what device. The smart remote is the only remote you will ever need and will have you flipping through channels, switching from video games to sports to online videos like a pro. 

 Your video door bell is your first line of defense when it comes to homes security. View who is at your door from any where in the world and even record the activity. Not only can you view who is on your doorstep but you can also speak to them giving the perception that you are at home.

These devices operate off your WiFi and can be integrated with your smart locks, motion detection, security system and cloud video storage. Notification is sent to your smart phone when the door bell is rung or the motion detection has been activated. More extensive features or integrations are available in higher end models. 

With crime on the rise and residential burglaries increasing video door bells can offer some protection. Video and two way communication can help you catch porch pirates, identify solicitors before you answer and even safe guard your home from those casing the neighborhood for potential robberies. 

video door bells

nest smart doorbell

door locks

person holding a phone showing smart lock technology

Smart door locks are one of the most important parts of an automated home. You can come and go with either a touch of a finger on your phone app or voice activation. Most will allow the setup of permanent and temporary users or schedules for time and specific days for friends or staff. All entries and exits are recorded so you can check to see who is coming and going.

Geo-fencing allows the phone to activate the lock when you are farther than a set distance so you never forget to lock your door. Similarly, those with an auto-lock feature will automatically lock the door as you leave. Keypads are available for when you don’t have your phone and text message alerts can let you know when the lock is activated.

Smart locks provide security and convenience. Lock and unlock via keypad, phone or voice allowing entrance only to those you have granted access at the times you have scheduled.