video surveillance

CCTV security system in restaurant

 Video cameras can be installed indoors to monitor family, pets, employees and customers or outside to protect your property from theft and vandalism. The cameras are discrete and provide high quality video to your phone, tablet or other internet device.

Whether you are looking to protect your business or your residence a video surveillance system will provide you 24 hour a day peace of mind. Each HD surveillance system is designed to give you an unrestricted view of the monitored area even in dim lighting or in the dark. Watch over your property, protect your investment and protect your staff, customers and family with live camera feed and recordings.

Protect your property from theft and vandalism with an HD video surveillance system professionally installed to meet your needs. Perfect for home or business protection both indoors and for the surrounding property.

When you don’t want to provide public access to your office or apartment building, a video entry system can allow easy communication with visual confirmation of who you are allowing to enter. Add remote door locks and residents, employees and authorized visitors can be allowed immediate access.

Paging systems can be utilized in large commercial settings, schools and universities to bridge the gap in communication between zones creating a more efficient and safer work space. The system can also be used to broadcast emergency alerts to everyone simultaneously in the event of a sudden danger such as severe weather, fire or lock down.

Enhance communication, security and accessibility at your business, multi-residence building or school with video entry and paging. Each system can be designed to provide the most effective coverage for your needs creating secure entry and instant communication with all units simultaneously.

video entry & paging

Woman using a video paging system