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Bars, restaurants, lunch rooms, barber shops, nail salons, fitness clubs, office waiting rooms are all examples of perfect places for TV installation or background music. Music can also be used to help set the mood.

There are many ways that audiovisual services can enhance your business, aid
productivity, and even increase sales. We will select the proper products, uses, and installation to suit your needs and budget.

Explore multi-room audio systems by CasaTunes.


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DIRECTV is the choice for bars, restaurants and businesses because of the
number of channels, selection of broadcasting and sports packages available.

Theaters and Technologies can properly install and setup your DIRECTV system installing all the equipment in a head end and easy to use control system. With the simple press of a button via the in-wall iPad controller or hand held remote you can remotely select channels from any receiver to be displayed on any TV. No more waiting for an anonymous installer to show up at a random time, if they even show. We will set an appointment when it is convenient for you, be there on time and do the job to the highest standards.

Your time is valuable, and we respect that. We will be there when you request, on time and provide professional installation, setup and programming of you DIRECTV system. When service is required you will deal with the same professionals that installed the system and not a random tech. We are quality over quantity.

Cell phones are so important to our business communication but unfortunately many buildings or locations have very little cell phone service. Dropped calls, unsent emails and poor quality of sound can leave a less than professional impression on clients and add to a professional’s daily stress. 

Theaters and Technologies can install cell phone boosters in your office or warehouse that will give you perfect reception in every part of the building. These are available for every carrier and every size building. Never drop another important phone call or have to step outside to make a call.

Productivity is money and when your productivity is lessened by poor or nonexistent communication it can also cost you clients. Add a cell phone booster system to your office and never miss an important call, drop a call during a pitch or have to stand next the window to be understood. We cover every carrier and every size facility.

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wifi set-up

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A fast reliable wireless network is essential in today’s business world. It must be able to handle the load of a large number of users without slow down.

Whether you need secure WiFi for your staff or an open WiFi network for you customers we have you covered. We will analyse your needs and the layout of your establishment to determine the best placement of the access points for optimal coverage. This can cover both inside and outside your facility such as pool side, marinas or sales lots. Never lose connectivity in your warehouse, construction site, restaurant or complex. Stay connected with your staff, your business applications and provide free WiFi to patrons to keep them entertained.

WiFi connectivity is expected by customers and necessary for businesses to remain efficient. Stay connected in any size building, across large outside areas and even temporary locations such as construction sites or entertainment events.

Our business services cover a wide range of products and services that add to the convenience and security of doing business. Among these are wiring for POS systems, installation for over the air antennas, video entry systems, electronic door locks, low voltage lighting and accent lighting.

Many businesses can benefit from a paging and microphone system to aid in the communication and efficiency of the office, showroom or warehouse.

To protect all your electronics, we offer a variety of lightning and surge protection devices that are designed to protect your electronic equipment such as CCTV systems, TVs, audio equipment, WIFI networks and more from the devastating effects of lightning or a power surge.

If your business has an electronics or automation need we would be glad to help you with the solution. We are continuously bringing on the latest products and would love to hear from you. 

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